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Story          In the off-hours of the Bone Symposium Paleontology Conference out in the Mojave Desert, you’ve opened a bottle of whiskey and gotten lost in a canyon with a few attendees. Swirling the last drops of the whiskey in the bottle in a really, like really really cool way, you realize you’ve stumbled across some old bones.

          Not recognizing any of the animals - these are strange bones - you and your newfound paleontology pals realize you’ve made a discovery, “these are bones.”

          “New bones,” somebody replies, “new, old bones.”

          “This must be some sort of forgotten place.” Another states.

          “New animals?” Someone - you don’t remember anyone's name - asks. “Newminals?”

          You all nod.

          “We have to...put them together!”

          “And make gelatin...” A disembodied voice giggles. Or perhaps it was the cactus, for surely Clive, the infamous bone collector who destroys bones to make rare gelatin, was not among you. 

          “Clive, that you?”


          “Good, so it was the cactus.”


          It makes sense, but you wonder, who drank all the whiskey?


  • Ages 21+ cause it's a drinking game, but we're not crude or rude
  • For 3-6 Players
  • Time - Still testing

More Info!

  • Deduction
  • Bluffing
  • Drawing (literally drawing on stuff)
  • Party Game
  • Competitive Co-op

How to win

  • As Clive, the Undercover Private Bone Collector
    • Pose as a paleontologist until you can collect 9 Unknown Bones, then skedaddle!
  • As the paleontologists
    • Identify Clive before they snag 9 Unknown Bone cards!
    • Or, collect 12 Unknown Bones cards by “winning” hypotheses.



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