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Dis ist the beste geam

To short need more argh!

TO be onest this is almost the perfect length for a game jam gam eotherwhise people might not reach the end of the story. Maybe a little longer ^^. But this was so nice!

Arrgh that's my bad. Little longer it shall be next yar-time. Thank you! :)

It was a short game, But I really liked it! The graphics remind me of Undertale. Music was basic and catchy, which I really like. I am HaPPy that the goat became a captain. :D

Goat is best captain. Thank you, and thanks for playing :)

Nice! I like how you worked within the limitations to tell a story.

Thanks, really appreciate it!! The screen limit was kinda nice actually, since that decision was already made, just had to figure out what could fit...Maybe this will be the 2021 trend for games :) 

Also, love your pixel art! Really reminds me of Adventure Time